Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Sadie Lacey

Rhelda J. Howard Ladd

Dorothy LaFollette

Eddie LaFollette

Junior LaFollette

Louise Shuck LaFollette

Roberta Lee Jennings LaFollette

Sara LaFollette

Teresa LaFollette

William Frank LaFollette

Arnett LaMaster, Jr.

Benjamin I. LaMaster

Betsy LaMaster

J. T. LaMaster

Jess S. LaMaster

Nancy LaMaster

Sophronia LaMaster

Taylor LaMaster

Mrs. Zach LaMaster

Mary Lambert

Bessie Lancaster

Curtis Lancaster

Otto Lancaster

Joseph E. Land

Leslie Land

Paul Land

Sarah Catherine Land

Harry Landers

Susie Landers

Gladys Mae Sutton Larivey

Thomas D. Larivey

Juanita Lashley

Leonard Lathrem, Sr.

Jimmy Law

Nancy Law

Chester Lawrence, Sr.

Doris Lawrence

Doris Lawrence

Laura Lawrence

Claude Lawson

Dorothy Lawson

Frances Lawson

Keith Lawson

Rodney Laymon

Harry Leatherman

Robert Leathermen

Evelyn LeCompte


Patsy LeCompte

Sarah LeCompte

W. O. LeCompte

Bernard G. Lee

Deanna Lee

Dorothy Lee

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Caplinger Lee

Sammie F. Lee

Stella Louden Lee

Mrs. Will Lee

Virginia Leep

Carl R. Leeper

Lucy Leet

Michael Lefler

Ruby Lefner

Ruby Moore Lefner

Curtis Leitch

Karl Lentz, Jr.

Melinde Leport

Lois Lewellen

Alden Lewis

Craig Lewis

Curt Lewis

Dora Lewis

Ella Lewis

Gary Lewis

Martha Lewis

Ruby Lewis

Thomas Lewis

Wilma Lewis

James W. Lindell

Doris Powell Lindsey

Everett Dee Lindsey

Ivette Lindsay

John Willie Lindsey

Joseph Milton Lindsey

June Chilton Lindsey

Mary Lindsey

Minnie Singleton Lindsey

Rizzie Jane Lindsey

Marion Link

Patsy Lisby

Donald Liter

Robert Little

Willard Littrell

Willard Littrell

Ellen Locklair

Elizabeth Locklear

Charles Lockwood



Les Loechle

Victoria Loechle

Sylvia Lofton

George Logan

Mildred Logan

Ronald Lewis Logan

Willie Bertha Logan

Kimberly Logsdon

Genoa Kayte London

Barbara Sue Frazier Long

Catherine Roberts Long

Catherine Tingle Long

Charles Edward Long

Charles Long, Jr.

Charles Long, Sr.

Eddie Long

Edward Long

Eva Morgan Long

Herbert Long

Herman Long

Hershel Long

Irene Long

John S. Long

Jon Hughes Long

J. W. Long

Neville Long

Pauline Long

Robert Long

Sam Long

Sherley Long

William Long

Louden Infant

Alice Louden

Alyssa Louden

Anna Louden

Casey Louden

Charlotte A. Louden

Edward Louden

Erwin “Dyke” Louden

Florence Louden

Frances B. Louden

Frank J. Louden

G. B. Louden

Gilbert Louden

Goldie Louden

Harry Louden

Howard Louden

Howard S. Louden, Sr.

Hubert C. Louden, Sr.

Ira Louden

Ivan Louden

Jewell Louden

Josefa “Pepita” Louden

Justin Louden

Lenna Louden

Mabel Louden

Margaret Louden

Mark Louden

Mary Louden

Melvin Louden

Morris Louden

Nat Louden

Noredda Louden

Owen Russell Louden

Sallie Louden

Shirley Louden

William B. Louden

J. W. Lowden (Louden)

Harold Lovan

Joseph Thomas Love

Clara Elizabeth Lowe

Joe Lowe

Delia Lowden

Lillian Lowry

Robert Lozier

Jane Lucas

Lora Lucas

Mary Jane Lucas

Patsy Lucas

Arlene Lutz

Barbara Lyles

Carey Lyles

Connie Lynn

Mary Lynn

Artie Maye Lyons

Eloise Bush Lyons

Francis Lyons

Gladys Lyons

James Lyons

Jennie Lyons

John L. Lyons

Larry R. Lyons

Marshall Lyons

Mary Lyons

Roy Lyons

Robert Lee Lynch

Bruce Lyons

Emma Lyons

Frances Sharp Lyons

Keith Lyons

Quentin Lyons

Robert E. Lyons