Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Sarah Rabourn

Lawrence Rabourn

Arthur R. “Buddy” Radcliff

Arthur Radcliff

Herbert A. Radcliff

Justine Radcliff

Lula D. Radcliff

William P. Radcliff

Herman Rader

Melissa Raines

Willa Dee Raines

Phyllis Darlene Rose Rainey

Kate Mills Rains

Nancy Rains

Roman Rains

Patricia “Patty” Gayle Rainwater

Allen Raisor

Amanda Raisor

Anna Martin Raisor

Barbara Raisor

Betty Raisor

Brenda Raisor

Carroll Raisor

Catherine Raisor

Charlotte Raisor

Cordie M. Raisor

Edith Raisor

Edith Lee Sutherland Raisor

Edward Raisor

Elza Raisor

Evalena Raisor

Faye Raisor

Fred Raisor

Fred Raisor, Jr.

George Raisor, Sr.

G. J. Raisor

Grace Raisor

Granville Marion Raisor

Hazel Raisor

Henry “Hank” Raisor

Hester Raisor

Howard Raisor

Ida Belle Raisor

John “Pete” Raisor

John Raisor

Leonard Raisor

Lizzie Raisor

Mabel Raisor

Martha Raisor

Mattie Young Raisor

Mount Raisor

Mount Raisor, Jr.

Nancy Dale Raisor

Noel T. Raisor

Mrs. Ollie Raisor

Pansy Raisor

Phillip Raisor

Robert A. Raisor

William Raisor

Thomas M. Ramey

Andy Ramsey

Beulah Ramsey

Jewell Ramsey

Reetta W. Ramsey

Webb Ramsey, Jr.

Calista Randall

Kelly Rankin

Lucy Rankin

M. P. Rankin

Paul Rankin

Frank Rankley, Jr.

Leah Rankley

Clarence Ransdell

Clarence T. Ransdell

Cordelia Collins Ransdell

Edith Ransdell

J. Vernon Ransdell, Jr.

Joseph “Joe” Ransdell

Minnie Ransdell

Minnie Ransdell

William F. Ransdell

Horace Ratcliffe

Mary Ratcliffe

Nicholas Ratcliff

Joyce Ratcliff

Sam Ratcliff

Melissa Ratliff

Robert E. Rawlins

Gary Ray

Leo Ray

Marie Anne Ray

Nancy Ray

Clyde Rayburn

Bessie E. Purvis Raymer

Deborah Rechtin

Nathan "Mickey" Redden, Jr.

Patsy Redmon

Teresa Redmon

William H. “Bill” Reed

Eula Reeves

Forest M. Reeves

Harry Reeves

Lester Reeves, Sr.

Liza Reeves

Lucille Reeves

Roy L. Reeves

Vonda Reeves

Winfred Reeves

Bronston Reid

Esther Reid

James Reid

Lloyd B. Reid

Luther “Tommy” Reid

Mary Reid

Warrena Reid

Mrs. N. E. Renaker

Joseph Reneau

Mary Hornbeck Renfro

Venetha Retzlaff

Guy Reynolds

Terry Wayne Reynolds, Jr.

Tina Reynolds

Elsie Brown Rhoades

Anthony Rhoton

Anna K. Rice

Beatrice Rice


Cora Rice

Eulastine Rice

Flora Rice

Roy Rice

Mrs. Ernest Richards

John Richards

Christopher Aaron Richardson

Delores Richardson

Hannah Elizabeth Richardson

Leila J. Richmond

Orba Douglas “Doug” Richmond

Blanche Ricketts

Charlene Ricketts

D. L. Ricketts

Edna Smith Ricketts

Frankie Ricketts

Martha Ricketts

Maryland Ricketts

Minice Ricketts

Mollie Ricketts

Robert L. Ricketts

Susan Gum Ricketts

Willie B. Ricketts

George D. Ridgeway

Robert Riggle

Joseph Wallace Riggs

Margaret Louise Wentworth Riley

Ralph Riley

Russell Lee Riley

Bailey Riner

Bertha Riner

Ida Mae Riner

Sammie B. Johnston Hammond Riner

Sarah Riner

Martha Ritchey

Lewis Ritchie

Athelda Ritter

Christine Roberts-Waller

Alvin Lee Roberts

Catherine Ann Roberts

Ewing Elgie “E. E.” Roberts

Florence Capito Roberts

Flossie Roberts

Freddie Roberts

Gertie Roberts

Gladys Roberts

Helen Roberts

Henry Roberts

James Roberts

Lee Roberts

Linden Jay Roberts

Lloyd Roberts

McKinnley Roberts

Mildred Leona Roberts

Minnie Roberts

Nicky Roberts

Norman Roberts

Orva Roberts, Sr.

Sylvester Roberts

Timothy Roberts

Wendell Dwight Roberts

Will Roberts

Ethel Drane Robertson

Veronica Robertson

Corean Robinson

Delbert Robison

Dolores Robison

Herman Robison

Florence Robinson

J. B. Robinson

James Robinson

Lizzie Mae Robinson

Louise Robinson

Margaret Robinson

Mary Robinson

Richard Robinson

Ruby Dean Rock

Agnes Rodgers

Sherry Rodrigruez

Belle Rogers

Carl B. Rogers

Dan Rogers, Jr.

Joan Rogers

John Rogers, Jr.

John Rogers, Sr.

Edward Rohleder

Nina Roller

Serenity Romo

Ford Roop

Juanita “Terry” Roop

Clara Rose

Elbert Rose

Jake E. Rose, Jr.

Daniel Rosell

Dr. Layton Rouse

Layton Rouse, DMD

Harold Rowlett

Howard Rowlett

Larry Royalty

Betty Josephine Royce

Doris Ruble

Freddie Ruble

Roy Ruble

Rev. Allen Thomas Rucker, Jr.

Allen Rucker

David Rucker

Evelyn Rucker

Florence Rucker

Helen Louise Rucker

Jimmy Rucker

Katie Florence Rucker

Katie Rucker

Lonnie G. Rucker

Mary Rucker

Omer Rucker

Patsy Rucker

Terry S. Rucker

Vernon Rucker

Dustin Rupard

Marcella Rusch

Harry Rutherford

Annie Laura Ryan

Cheri Ryan

Ellen Truman Rynes