Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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William Mack, Jr.

John Henry Maddin

Bettie M. Maddox

Hattie Maddox

Herbert T. Maddox

Pat Maddox

Robert Maddox, Jr.

Ronnie Maddox

Sallie A. Maddox

William Maddox

William Allen Maddox

Zach Maddox

Sara McGaughey

George Travis Magruder

Josephine MaGruder

Zelma Mahan

Bobby Mahoney

Carl Mahoney

Carl Mahoney

Edward Mahoney

Gearldean Mahoney

Guy (Gay) Mahoney

Jesse D. Mahoney

Juanita R. Mahoney

Judith Mahoney

Leonard Mahoney

Mattie Mahoney

Mildred Mahoney

Ola Mae Mahoney

Orvie Mahoney

Pearl Mahoney

Robert Mahoney

Shirley Jean LaFollette Mahoney

Susie Mahoney

Terry Mahoney

Virginia Mahoney

Alice Mahuron

L. B. Mahuron

William Maiden

Robert “Bob” Malin

Justin Manley

Charles Mann

Charlie Mann

Danny Manns

Melissa Mansfield

Margaret Marcum

William Marion

Marion Marlon

Charlie Walter Marlow

Edith Marr

Donald Marsee

Jack Marsee

Robert Marsee

Ronald Marsee

Beulah Marsh

Billy Marshall

Carrie Marshall

Florence Marshall

Lillie Milligan Marshall

Mae Marshall

Maurice Marshall

Mike Marshall

Sandy Marshall

Beatrice Martin

Bobby Martin

Bonnie Martin

Buford Martin

Mrs. Martin

Carrie B. Martin

Charles Edward Martin

Edward Martin

Elaine Martin

Everett “Gil” Martin

Floyd Martin

Lelah Martin

Martha Martin

Mary Martin

Mary Higgins Martin

Patricia Eads Martin

Paul Martin, Jr.

Sally Martin

Sam Martin

Webb C. Martin

Ella Batts Martinie

Mrs. Milden Martinie

J. G. Mason

Laura Mason

Sarah Mason

Sarah Bell Mason

Charles Massie

Ella Massie

Fred P. Massie

Margaret White Masterson

Elsa Matheney

Nova Matheney

Pfc. Howard J. Mathis, Jr.

Margaret Mathis

Eva Matthews

Dr. G. E. Mathews

J. C. Mathews

Fred S. Mattick

Naomi Mattick

Ann Mattingly

Eden Mattingly

Cecil May

J. T. May

Mary May

Roy May

Dr. Sydney Brooks May

William May

Sara Maydwell

Thomas J. Maydwell

Emily Mayfield

J. L. Mays

Willard Mayes

Martin Mayse

Thomas Mayse

Elmer J. McAlister

Eugene McAllister

Richard McAlister

Vester McAllister

Vester McAllister

Lillian McAllister

Mary E. McCallister

Sterling N. McAlister

Anna McCane

Herbert McCane

Louis McCane

Mamie “Nellie” McCane

Rebecca McCane

Betty Parrish McCardwell

Kenneth McCardwell

Mary McCardwell

Virginia Raisor McCardwell

Albert Lee McCarthy, Sr.

Catherine McCarthy

Patricia McCarthy

Patricia McCarthy

Charles McCarty

Curt McCarty

Ellen McCarty

Harold McCarty

Herbert McCarty

Major James Porter McCarty

James Porter McCarty

Scott McCarty

Wanda Wilson McCarty

Billy McClain

Mrs. Ernest McClain

Dr. Robert Redding McConnell

A. B. McDaniel

Patrick McGee

Joe McHone

Eugene Patrick "Gene" McLaughlin

Jack McLaughlin

Goldie McClellan

Newt McClellan

Ruth McClellan-Reneau

Mattie McClure

Nathan McClure

Tim McClure

June McConnell

June Mallory Redding McConnell

William H. McConnell

Elizabeth McCormick

Jane Chilton McCormick

Elliott McCoy

Mrs. Frank A. (Lizzie Herndon) McCoy

William McCoy

Mary McCullough

Burt McCullum

JoAnn Claxton McCurry

William McCurry

Stella McDaniel

Tandy Lee McDole

Zelma McDole

Carnell McDonald

Chester McDonald

Harriet McDonald

Thomas Ramey McDonald

William McDowell

Edith Elizabeth McElroy

Oscar L. “O. L.” McElroy

Ada McElwain

Sara McGaughey

Edith M. McGee

Mrs. E. G. McGinness

Kyla McGlothin

L. D. McGowan

Rena Bush McGowan

Anna McGrew

James McGrew

Naomi “Lolly” Dunaway McGrew

Conley McGuire

Elizabeth McGuire

Flora McGuire

Maurine F. McGuire

Sally McGuire

John A. McHatton, Jr.

John Harlan McHatton

William McHatton

Cora McIlvoy

Mrs. Katherine Pope McIlvaine

Franklin McIntosh

Regina McIntosh

Cora McIntyre

Alice McKay

Mary Ann McKay

Ernest G. McKee

Eva C. McKee

Joseph McKee

Katherine McKee

Paul McKee, Jr.

John R. McKinney

Ruthann McKinney

Eugene McLaughlin

Elizabeth Deakins McMakin

Lilly McManis

Phillip Ray McManis

Ruth McManis

Vernon McManis

John McMorris

John McMorris

Learleen McNamara

Jospeh McNeal

Jerry McRay

Guthrie Meade, Sr.

Guthrie T. Meade, Jr.

Dalton Meadows

Iverson Meadows

Iverson Meadows

Ricky Meadows

John Meder

James Medley, Jr.

Clarence Meek

Frank Meek

Margaret Meek

William Meeks

L. J. Mefford

Price Mefford


Denise Megahey

Jerry Melcic

Ollie Melvin

Frances Mershall

Nell Kathryn Shuck Merchant

Lucy Merchant

Wood Merchant

Charles Meriwether

Bonnie Merritt

Karen Merritt

Richard Merritt

Clara Frances Popp Mertz

Clara Mertz

Daphne Mertz

Franklin Mertz

Glenn Mertz

Jennifer Mertz

Lester Mertz

Martha P. Mertz

Tracy Messer

Mary Metts

Jasper Metts, Jr.

Henry Meyer

Tonya Middeler

Elizabeth Milby

Aaron Miles

Arey N. Miles

R. C. Miles

James Norbert Miles, Sr.

Betty  Miller

Blanche M. Miller

Charlie Miller

Helen Miller

James M. Miller

John Willie Miller

Joyce Miller

Lee Miller

Martha Mills

Milburn Miller

Paul Miller

Velma Mills

Lee Mings

Stuart L. Mings

W. R. Minish

Kenneth Minyard

Charlie Miracle

Nellie Miskell

Rena Adams Miskell

Thelma Miskell

Billy Mitchell, Sr.

Beulah Mitchell

Donald Mitchell

Edward Mitchell

Elmer Mitchell

Elmer A. Mitchell

Kay Mitchell

Louise Mitchell

Lucille Mitchell

Mary Mitchell

Morgan Mitchell

Pleasant H. Mitchell

Wanda Mitchell

Emmett Fairfax Mitchen

Mrs. Emmett Mitchen

Waylon Joseph Mobley

Jane Moffatt

Louise B. Moffett

Robert C. Moloney

Ivra Monhollen

Cynthia Monroe

Darrell Monroe

Rachel Monroe

Byron Montague

Mary Ann Montano

Carrie Montfort

George D. Montfort

Vories Montfort

Hester Montgomery

Martha Montgomery

Sara Montgomery

Florence Moody

Lloyd Moody

William B. Moody

Allen Thomas “A. T.” Moore

Alvin C. Moore

Betsy M. Moore

C. W. “Squeak” Moore

Cecil Moore, Jr.

Charles Moore

Cora Moore

Curtis C. “Curty” Moore

Dawson Lee and Dylan Scott Byrd Moore

Debra Moore

Elaine Beverly Moore

Elizabeth Moore

Emma Moore

Fred Moore

George J. Moore

Harriett Etta Ross Moore

Hurley Moore

Isaac Moore

J. A. Moore

Jaquan and Daquan Moore

James Moore

James Moore, Sr.

Jessie Moore

Joe Moore

Joe Moore

Joe Moore

Joe W. Moore

John E. Moore

John Moore

Johnnie Moore

Joseph W. Moore

Kathie Moore

Lee Elston Moore, Sr.

Lillie Mae Moore

Lucille W. Moore

Marilyn Denise Downey Moore

Martha Moore (born a slave)

Martha Moore

Mattie Moore

Maudie Moore

Obie Moore

Oscar Moore

Paul G. Moore

Paul Moore, Jr.

Ray Moore

Raymond Moore

Robert Moore

Robert “Bobby” Moore

Robin Moore

Rusty Moore

Sarah Moore

Tammy Moore

William Moore

William Moore

Ebbie Moppins

Allie Morgan

Anna Morgan

Charles Morgan

Clay Morgan

Edward Morgan

Eva Morgan

Fannie Morgan

Floyd Morgan

Hilda Morgan

Jack Morgan

Jesse Keith Morgan

Josie Morgan

Laura J. Morgan

Mary Morgan

Nancy Morgan

Ralph Morgan

Robert William Morgan, Jr.

Robert William Morgan, Sr.

Sid Morgan

Tom Morgan

William Morgan

William R. Morgan

Anna Yancey “Mrs. H. H.” Morris

Belle Morris

Betsy Morris

Bettie Morris

Bryant O. “B.O.” Morris

Mrs. C. E. Morris

Daisy Morris

David Morris

Don Morris

Edward Morris

Elmore Morris

Harrison Morris, Sr.

J. P. Morris

James Lewis Morris, II

James “Jimmie” Morris

Joe E. Morris

John Morris, Sr.

J. Jones Fletcher Morris

Joyce Morris

Lev “L. G.” Morris

Lewis Morris

Lewis E. Morris

Lucy McCoun Morris

M. V. Morris

Martha G. Morris

Mary Morris

Mary Elizabeth Owen Morris

Mervin L. “M. L.” Morris

Mike Morris

Mildred Morris

Nannie Morris

Owen Morris

Sarah Ann Morris

Thornton Morris

William Brian Morris

William “Bill” Robert Morris II

Charles Morrison

Charles Morrison

James Morrison

Margaret Morrison

Marguerite Morrison

Maudie Morrison

Wesley Morrison

Anna Morrow

Zerelda Morse

Helen Perkinson Moss

Mrs. Porter Moss

Darvin Mounce

Robert Mueller

Sonia Mudd

Angela Mullins

Edgar Mullins

Leslie Mullins

Rita Mullins

Mary Mumphrey

Ora Mumphrey

Beatrice Murphy

Brian Murphy

Estel Murphy

Estell Murphy

Hallie Belle Murphy

Kenneth Murphy

Roselyn Murphy

Samuel Murphy

Danny Murray

Tina Murray

Robert Myers

Susie Mildred Myers