Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Thomas Page

Lottie B. Pall

Beulah Palmer

Robert Paris

Victoria Park

Alfred Parker

Gus A. Parkhurst

Bonny Parks

Donna Parks

Hazel Parks

Mavis Parks

Ruby Parks

Lucinda Parmer

Carl E. Parrish

Earl Parrish

Eliza J. Parrish

Leora Parrish

Lucille Parrish

Mary Parrish

Nola Parrish

Pearl Parrish

Wilma Pearl Beverly Parrish

James Parrott

Roberta Parrott

Billy Ed Patterson

James L. Patterson

Joshua Patterson

J. Larry “Rooster” Patterson 

Charles Paul

Julia Paul

Onie Mae Paul

Ann Payne

Delois Payne

Dolly Payne

Gayle Payne

Gayle Payne

Jay Payne

Josephine Parrish Payne

Lester Payne

Marjorie Payne

Sara Payne

Susie Beverly Payne

Andy Payton

Carla Payton

Charles Payton, Jr.

Clora Ilene Payton

Dona B. Payton

Edythe V. Payton

Elizabeth Payton

Elois Payton

Floyd Payton

Floyd Payton

Gladys Payton

James Leonard Payton

Jessie Payton

Joe Payton, Sr.

Katherine Payton

L. G. Payton

Leland Payton

Mrs. (T) Lonnie Payton

Luke Payton

Margaret Payton

Mary Payton

Mildred Payton

Minnie Payton

Naomi Downey Payton

Pauline Payton

Robert Payton

Ruby Payton

Ruby Payton 

Viola Payton

William Payton

Mary Peachy

Georgia Peak

Lois Peak

Mildred Peak 

W. Oldham Pearce

Connie Pearson

Ruth Pedigo

Minnie S. Peeples

Anna Peel

Clemmie Pendleton

James R. Pendleton

Elmer Penick

Elizabeth Peniston

Louis T. “L.T.” Peniston

Seymour H. Peniston

W. H. Peniston

William H. Peniston

Mary S. Penn

Mrs. Robert Pepper [Dorothy Lee Guyton]

Jane Perkinson

Shelia Perpingon

Danny Russell Perry

Edward “Red” Perry 

Helen Perry

Lucy Perry

Rev. Paul Perry 

Willard Perry

William Earl Perry

Claudia Peterson

Judge James H. Peterson

Anna Pettit

Calvin Pettit

Charles H. Pettit

Ida Pettit

Jimmie Pettit

Ethel M. Perkins

Jane Perkinson

O. D. Perkinson

Charles Perry

Danny Perry

Donald Perry

Helen Perry

James H. Perry

Leonard Perry

Marvin Perry

Mary C. Perry

Mary M. Perry

Olive T. Perry

Molly Perry

Audrey Peters

Patricia Peterson

Billy Ray Pettit

Dr. Doris R. Petty

Anna Laura Peyton

Benny Peyton

Cecil Peyton

Ernest Peyton

Edward Peyton

Dr. Harold Peyton

John Peyton



Leatha Peyton

Lee Payton, Sr.

Lee Peyton, Jr.

Lewis Peyton

Rachel Peyton

William Peyton, Jr.

Cosby Victoria Alley Pfost

William Pfost

Thomas Phelps

Carolyn Phillips

Clarence Phillips

Gary Phillips

Howard Phillips, Jr.

Mary Phillips

Dorothy Phipps

Dustin Wade Phipps

Marjorie M. Pickell

Mrs. Martha Brannin Pickett

Ollie Pierce

Maggie Pike

Betty Jo Pile

Mrs. Noah Pinnell [Martha Ellen Blackerby]

Noah Pinnell

Fred Pinson

Chloe Poe

Edward Poe

Rebecca Poe

Alonzo P. Pollard

James “Red” Pollard

Ezra C. Pollard

Grace Pollard 

Maxine Pollard

Minnie Pollard    

Pauline Pollard

Robert Pollard

Mrs. Roy Pollard [Bessie B. Bennett]

Leonard Poole

Linda Lou Poole 

Mrs. Allie Popp

William Popp

Hattie Porter

Dr. R. W. Porter

George Portman

Alicia Powars

Alicia Powars

William Powars

Ada Powell

Dr. A. J. Powell, Jr.

Allen Powell

Bessie Powell

Carroll Powell

Clara Forquer Powell

Dorothy Powell

Earl Benton Powell

Edith Powell

Florence F. Powell

Floyd E. Powell

Gayle K. Powell

Glenmore Powell

Grace Powell

Hattie Powell

James Powell

Jim Powell 

Julian Powell

Junior Powell

Lorenzo Powell

Mamie Powell

Martha Gray Powell

Minnie Powell

Pearl Duncan Powell

Rachel Powell

Rosie Powell

Thomas Powell

William Powell

Lynda Jo Hunt Poynter

Ray Poynter

Doris Prather

Ellene Prather

Mary Prather

“Rex” Reginald Lang Prather

William T. “Tom” Prather, Jr.

Wilson Prather

Lillian Cecil Pratt

Aleah Preston

Louise Preston

Mae Preston

Raymond Preston

Tara Jo Preston

A. J. Prewett

Betty Prewitt

Billy Prewitt, Jr.

Frank Prewitt

Josephine Prewitt

William “Billy” Prewitt, Jr.

William G. “Bill” Prewitt, Sr.

Viola Creech Prewitt

Ben N. Price

Ben Nathan Price

Ella T. Price

Grace Price

Harold Randall Price

Joe Price

Sadie Price

Charles Proctor

George F. Prueitt

Masuko Prueitt

Ellie Pruitt

James Pruitt

Alvin Pyron

Arianna Pryor

Ida Pryor

Jordon Muncey Pryor

Carl Puckett

George Puckett

Lloyd Puckett

Opal Puckett

Alma Joyce Clubb Pugh

Betty Purvis

Blanche Purvis

Elmer Purvis

Homer Purvis

Ida Purvis

Jack Purvis

Jennie Purvis

Johnny Purvis

Laura Purvis

Marvin Purvis

Oscar Purvis

William D. Purvis

Etta Watkins Pyle

Anna Pyles

Beatrice Pyles

Clarence Pyles

Donald Pyles

Mattie L. Pyles

Robert Lynn “R. L.” Pyles

Thomas Jefferson Pyles

William Pyles