Henry County Obituary Records -

These records are a PARTIAL extract of the Henry County Local (HCL) Obituaries. These records range from the early 1900's to the present day and were Submitted By: the contributor listed below. Not all the obituaries contained during the years of the newspaper have been extracted. Please use this information as a starting point for your own research.

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Marsha Bachmann

Mabel Baer

Beatrice Bailey

Candice Bailey

Gertrude Tingle Bailey

Hallie Bailey

James Bailey

Joda Bailey

Louise Bailey

Redell Bailey

William Bailey

Linda Bain

Mrs. Myrtle Bain

Annie Baker

Celestine A. Baker

Cleopatra Baker

Dewey Baker

Donald Baker

Edna Smith Baker

Elmer Baker

Fannie Baker

Hallie Hall Baker

James Thomas Baker

Kathleen Baker

Larry Baker, Sr.

Lena Margaret Baker

Mrs. Mary Baker

Raymond Baker

Roger Baker

Tommy Baker

Gertrude Bailey

William Bailey

Mrs. Sammie Baldwin

David Bales

Elizabeth Adams Ball

George Ball

Mrs. Jessie Raisor Ball

Mildred Ball

Nancy Ball

Paul Ball

Robert E. Ball, Jr.

Ashley Ballard

Carrie Ballard

Ruby Balz

Amelia Banta

Carrie Nash Banta

Debra Lynn Banta

Dora Banta

Helen Banta

Helen Banta

Howard C. Banta

James Lawrence Banta

Julia Katherine Banta

Kimberly Banta

Lee Roy Banta

Lorene Willhite Banta

Lloyd T. Banta

Luther Banta

Luther Banta

Marvin Banta

Mary Banta

Nellie Banta

Pryor Banta

Ralph Banta

Stephen Banta

Viola Banta

Bob Barefoot

Mary Barmore

Mrs. Birdie Barnes

Charles Barnes

James Turner Barnes

Michael Barnsfather

Zelma Louise Barnsfather

Charles Barnett

Doris Barnett

Doris Barnett

Dorothy A. Barnett

Elias Barnett

Emma Jean Barnett

Mrs. James W. Barnett

J. B. Barnett

Kate Batts Barnett

Lenora Barnett

Lily Barnett

Louise Barnett

Major Barnett

Marshall Barnett

Nancy Barnett

Orah Barnett

Price Barnett, Jr.

Ricky Barnett

Ricky Barnett

Robert "Shorty" Barnett

Robert Barnett, Sr.

Sam C. Barnett

Sam Barnett

William Barnett

Mrs. Willie Barnett

Wilson Barnett

JoAnn Barnes

Roselend Barnes

James Clayton Barnsfather

Rena Barnsfather

Owen Barr

Carlisle Barrickman

Zachary C. Barrickman

John Bartley, Jr.

Annie M. Barton

Barbara Barton

Mrs. Bessie C. Barton

Kenneth Barton

Mrs. Nora Barton

Ora Barton

Sidney T. Barton

Willie Barton

Loren Baskett

Janet Clubb Bastin

Mark Bastin

Michael Bastin

Nell Moss Bate

Barbara Bates

Ernest Bates

Harold Bates

James S. Bates, Jr.

Laura May Bates

Theresa Bates

Vernon Bates

Henry G. Batterton

Jane Batterton

Jane Roberts Batterton

Mrs. Lois Batterton

Sandra K. Batterton

Boyd Duncan Batts

Charlie Batts

Frank Batts

Gene Batts

George Batts

Gladys S. Batts

Henry Batts

Jane Batts

Jean Batts

Joel Batts

John M. Batts

J. W. Batts

John W. Batts

Katherine Batts

Lewis Batts

Mark Batts

Mary Elizabeth Batts

Mildred Batts

Mrs. Minnie Batts

Neva Batts

Raymond Batts

Thomas B. Batts

Walter L. Batts

Walter Morris Batts

William Batts (Uncle Bill)

William E. “PeeWee” Batts

Charles W. Bauer

Linda Bauer

Deborah Lynn Bauman

Christine Baxter

Debbie Baxter

Everett Baxter

Harvey Baxter, Sr.

Harvey Baxter

George Baxter

Infant Baxter

James E. Baxter, Jr.

Jessie Farmer Baxter

Mrs. Mary Baxter

Neppie Baxter

Mrs. Martha Ellen Baxter

Patty Lou Greenwood Baxter

Sallie Beach

Alice Tate Beard

Ludie Foster Beard

Mrs. Mary Beard

Viola Reid Beard

Alice Beazely

Affie Beazley

Mrs. Belia Beckley

Eloise P. Beckley

Evelyn Beckley

Forest Beckley

Hester Beckley

James H. Beckley

Jeff B. Beckley

Mrs. Katherine Beckley

Larry Beckley

Melodye Heightchew Beckley

Morrison Beckley

Wilma Beckley

Lucille Beeson

Betty Beetem

John T. Beetem

Norman L. Beetem

Raymond Hart Beetem

Marie C. Beetum

Marie C. Beetum

Lloyd Begley

Infant Behler

Anna Bell

Dr. Auryne E. Bell

Betty C. Bell

Brenda Bell

Irene Bell

Jean Bell

Kenneth Dell Bell

Mrs. Nannie Bell

Nannie Cutting Bell

Reed Bell

William H. Bell

Hazel Shelton Bellebaum

Kathryn Belwood

Martha Batts Belwood

Martha Belwood

Susan Katherine Bemiss

Howard Bender

Alene Bennett

Barbara Ann Bennett

Bobby Bennett

Charlie Bennett

Eddie Mack Bennett

Katherine Bennett

Mrs. Patsy Bennett

Mrs. Pauline Bennett

Shelia Bennett

Laura Bennington

Benjamin Bentley

Ruby Bentley

Nannie Bergin

Ada Berry

Arthur W. “Bud” Berry

Charley W. Berry

Chester A. Berry

Dock Berry

Dorothy Berry

Eileen Berry

Estell Berry

Genevieve Berry

Gene Berry

Gilbert Berry

Gilbert Berry

Gobel Berry

Herman Berry

J. S. Berry

Jack Berry

James Berry

Jeff Berry

Joe Berry

Lisa Berry

Mamie Berry

Marjorie Berry

Mrs. P. T. Berry (Martha)

Mary Berry

Matthew Berry

Parker Berry

Pryor T. Berry

Ralph Berry

Thomas Berry

Mrs. Virginia Perry Berry

William Berry

Eunice Bertelkamp

Nevaeh Bertram

Mrs. Amanda S. Beutel

Fred E. Beutel

A. S. Beverly

Albert Beverly

Anna P. Beverly

Annabelle Roberts Beverly

Mrs. Cardie Bevarly

Clay Beverly

Fredia Beverly

J. W. Beverly

Melvin (Red) Beverly

Purlina Landrum (Mrs. J. W.) Beverly

Rhonald Beverly

Russell Beverly

Stephen Beverly

Stephen B. Beverley

Beulah Bibb

Roscoe L. Bibb

Thomas M. Bibb

William E. Bibb

Clyde Bickers

Emma Bickers

Dr. Everett Bickers, Jr.

James C. Bickers

Kenneth Bickers

Lois Bickers

Matilda Ellen Whitfield Bickett

Ed Bierman

Clayton Billings

Imogene Thacker Billings

John Billings

J. D. Birch

Mrs. Mary G. Birch

Nasbye K. Bird

Aleene Bishop

Mrs. Kate Bishop

Mrs. Melvina Bishop

Della Black

Frank Black

H. D. Black

Juanita Black

Marcia Hundley Black

Waverly R. Black

Zelma Smith-Jones Black

Lena Blackburn

Clara Blackaby

Drussilla Blackaby

Fannie Blackaby

John Blackaby

Johnny Blackaby

W. S. Blackaby

Willard Blackaby

James J. Blackerby

William H. Blackerby

William Henry Blackaby

James Blackburn

Fred Blackmon

George Blades

Eula Ann Blair

Sylvia Blake

Anna Blakemore

Louie Bland

Willanna Bland

Thelma Jones Blanton

Anna Blatz

Curtis Blevins, Sr.



Joann Blevins

Wauneta Blonder

Jerome Boardman, Jr.

Lisa Wynn Boatwright

E. W. Bobbitt

Mrs. Martha Boggess

Anita Bohannon

Cecil Bohannon

Elizabeth Kalusy Bohannon

Frances Bohannon

Frank Bohannon

Gerald Ransdell Bohannon

Harold Bohannon

Jamie Bohannon

James Earl Bohannon

Lelia Bohannon

Lester Bohannon

Mrs. Louise P. Bohannon

Mrs. Maude Bohannon

Reva Smith Bohannon

Ruth Bohannon

Waldine Bohannon

Owen Bolin

Anna Boling

Spencer Bond

Virginia Bond

Samuel Booher

Frank Booker

Nannie R. Booker

Alice A. Booth

Christopher Booth

Dorothy Booth

James Booth

Lora Booth

Louis E. Booth

Margaret Booth

Pearl Booth

Rose J. Booth

Ronnie L. Boothby

Linnie Sams Bowser

Phoebe W. Botts

Evelyn Bourne

H. K. Bourne

Mrs. Laura M. Bovard

Donnie Bowles, Jr.

Roy Bowles

Mrs. Anna B. Bowling

Jackie Bowman

Marvin Bowman

Earle Hamilton Boyer

Charles Boyd, Sr.

Thelma Eldridge Boyd

Thomas Boyd

Mrs. Cynthia Boyer

Doris Boyer

Evelyn Boyer

George R. Boyer

James Boyer

Dr. J. Twyman Boyer

James “J” Sanford Boyer

John M. Boyer

Marion Boyer

Mary Boyer

Mike Boyer

Patsy C. Boyer

Paul Evans Boyer

Pauline Newkirk Boyer

Robert Boyer

Robert Brent Boyer

Willard Boyer

Willard C. Boyer

Sheila Brackett

Sue Braden

Robert Braden, Sr.

Dicksie Bradford

Bruce Brading

Ortie E. Bradshaw

James Brady

Faye K. Bragg

Billie Bramlet

Gordon Bramlet

Bailey Bramblett

Charles Bramblett

Eva M. Bramblett

George Bramblett

Kenneth Bramblett

Rebecca Bramblett

Vivian P. Bramblett

Lawrence Bramblette

William D. Brammell

Mona Brannan

John S. Brannin

Jennie R. Brashear

Mailey Alan Braswell

Paul Arnold Bratton

Levie Willhite Brawner

Sherlean Bray

Edith Breeden

Mary Breeden

Cecil Breeding

Bradley Brent

Charles Brent

Charles Brent

Donetta Brent

Eugene Brent

Eva Joyce Emery Brent

Helen Brent

J. W. Brent

Joseph Brent

Louise Brent

Mrs. Mary Brent

Michael Brent

Mrs. Minnie Caplinger Brent

Raymond Brent

Roy Brent

Mrs. W. C. Brent

Annie (LeMay) Wright Brewer

Betty Brewer

Mrs. Faye Brewer

Hubert Brewer

James Brewer

John Doyle Brewer

Juanita Brewer

Julian Brewer

Lego Brewer

Leola Brewer

Leonard Brewer

Lucien Brewer

Merle Brewer

Pam Brewer

Phyllis Ann Brewer

Mrs. Ruth Brewer

William Bryan Brewer

Winford Brewer, Sr.

Albert “Frog” Brierly

Deborah Brierly

Hallie S. Bright

Nellie Gayle Wheeler Bright

Gary Brightwell

Mrs. Melba Briley

Lawrence Brierly

Myrtle Brierly

Sally Brierly

Thelma Brierly

Velvalee B. Brierly

David Bright

Martha T. Bright

Hazel Bright

Henry Bright

Infant Bright

Lynn Bright

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bright

Neil Bright

Mrs. Nell Bright

Tommy Bright

Deloris Briley

Deloris R. "Patty" Briley

Leo Broecker

Angela Brooks

Charles Brooks

Edith Tiller Hartman Brooks

Ida M. Brooks

Isaac (Ike) Brooks

Mrs. Mattie Brophy

Elise Broughton

Emma Broughton

Fielding Broughton

Robert Broughton

Ronnie Broughton

Anna Mae Heitzman Brown

Archie Brown

Brice Brown

Claude Brown

Clell Brown

Dottie Brown

Emma Brown

Eva Brown

Garnet Brown

Miss Grace Brown

Mr. Harry L. Brown

Ira M. Brown

James Brown

James Brown

Joyce Brown

Kevin Brown

Mrs. Lelia R. Brown

Lizzie Brown

Lenna Brown

Mrs. Lucille  Brown

Mrs. Marie F. Brown

Martha Brown

Mary E. Brown

Nena Brown

Patsy Ann Brown

Robert K. Brown

Ruben Brown

Stella B. Brown

Thelma L. Brown

Mrs. Virginia J. Brown

William Brown

Albert E. Browne

Martha Logan Hammond Browne

Brandon Browning

Durward Browning, Sr.

Eli Browning

Harold Browning

John Browning

Larry Nelson Browning

Lloyd Browning

Mildred Browning

Ryan William Browning

William Browning

Ernest W. Broyles

Alfred G. Bruce, Sr.

Charles A. Bruce 

Elijah Bruce

Emma Beverly Bruce

Eugene Bruce

Harvey Rondal Bruce

Inez Bruce

James Bruce

Marshall Bruce

Martha Bruce

Mary Bickers Bruce

Mike Bruce, Sr.

Mildred Bruce

Nancy Scott Bruce

Nathaniel L. Bruce

Mrs. Ruby Bruce

Rose Bruce

Family of Thomas M. Bruce w/Photos from Charles Bruce

Willie D. Bruce

Carrie D. Brumagen

Ann Bruner

Mary Bruner

Donald Bruther

Margaret Bruther

Vianna Marie Bruther

Ruby Bryan

Mrs. Dudley H. Bryant

Edwin N. Bryant

Frances (Pat) Bryant

Geneva Bryant

Harold Bryant

Jack H. Bryant

James Robert Bryant

John C. Bryant

Kenneth Bryant

Lego Bryant

Mary L. Parrish Bryant

Morris Bryant

Noble F. Bryant

Noble Nash Bryant

Ottoway Bryant

Patsy Bryant

Patsy Campbell Bryant

Mrs. Robert Bryant

Roger Bryant, Jr.

Roger Bryant, Jr.

Sophronia Bryant

Stella Bryant

Warrena Bryant

Don Bryner

John Bryson

Donald Buchanan

Katie Buck

Bernie Buckley

Jean Metz Buckley

Mrs. Martha Buckley

Walker Thomas Buckner

Rebecca Buford

Rebecca J. Hall Buford

Mrs. T. L. Buford

William Buford

William Edwin Buford

Eardist Buis

Eardist Buis, Jr.

Janis Buntain

Forrest "Frosty" Burch

Johnny Burch

Lanier Burchett

Maralyn E. “Lynn” Burchett

Freda Burdine

Flossie Burge

Ben Burgin

Mary Burgin

William Burgin

Female Burk

Gilbert Burke

Martha Burkhart

James Burnette III

James Robert Burnette

Clara Braun Burnette

Pfc. Chadwick O. Burns

Richard Burns

Mary Burris

Mrs. Aurelia Burrows

Hubert Burrows

Paul Burrows

Reva Burrows

Bessie Burton

Frieda Burton

Jefferson Davis “J. D.” Burton

Lucille W. Burton

Ruth Burton

William Burton

Alfred Busby

Anderson Bush

Mrs. Ella Bryant Bush

Gayle Bush

James Bush

Reese and Ida Bush

Tull Bush

Willie A. Bush

Margaret Bush

Rev. Lowell Buss

Marilyn Buss

Allan Butcher

Mary Butler

Jace Butterfield

Alleene Button

Joseph Butts

William Butts

Hubert S. Byers

Ivan H. Byers

Mrs. Josie Easley Byers

Lucille Byers

Sadie Byers

Linda Byrd

Pearl Margaret Byrd

Pearl Byrd