Pendleton County Obituaries

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Obituaries are posted with the permission of Debbie Dennie, Editor of the "Falmouth Outlook"

Last Name First Name Middle Name/Int. Maiden Name Date of Death Age at Death
Magee Richard     22-Mar-03 90
Maloney Chandler     17-May-03 U/1
Manuel Douglas     17-Jun-03 82
Marquette Paul E.   14-Feb-03 76
Martin Jack Joseph   17-May-03 70
Mayer Donna   Guthier 18-Oct-03 54
McClanahan George     16-Jun-03 84
McDonald David Archie   5-Oct-03 63
McGee James Edward "Jim"   26-Nov-03 79
McKinley Shirley   Woods 22-May-03 66
McVey Rose V. Andrews 21-Apr-03 80
Menefee Tilford E. "Pete"   28-Oct-03 90
Messmer Adam Christopher   4-Jan-03 18
Mitchell Herschel L.   19-Nov-03 78
Mockbee James Robert "Bob"   14-Jun-03 82
Moore Raymond     22-Jan-03 60
Moore George Douglas   14-Feb-03 59
Moore Elizabeth Ann "Beth" Gray 16-May-03 33
Moore, Jr. Fred C.   19-Jan-03 70
Moorehead Lawrence "Shorty"   20-Nov-03 68
Morford Donald     16-Dec-03 80
Morris Bernice  Aleena “Bunny” Caldwell 7-Jan-03 72
Naugle Freddie Margaret Bradford 12-Jul-03 89
Nichols, Jr. Tom     4-Dec-03 42
Northcutt Ruth Jane Teals 15-Oct-03 74
Oetzel Iona Darlene Baker 5-Jan-03 84
Owens Ralph Elander   26-Mar-03 59
Paynter Lori E. Ross Dec-02 35
Pensinger Brad W.   20-Dec-03 39
Percell Emogene   King 27-Jan-03 81
Perkins Elsie May Mofford 23-Jan-03 83
Philpot Warren Gamble   6-Oct-03 82
Pickford Esther   Craig 25-Dec-02 81
Points Rita E. Tomlin 8-May-03 79
Pollitt Gerald Wayne   9-Sep-03 59
Powell Corbin Andrew Karl   3-Mar-03 U/1
Powell Garrett Corbin Douglas   4-Mar-03 U/1
Powell Mary Elizabeth Turner 16-Mar-03 85
Pressley Darlene   Shaw 8-Apr-03 41
Prouety Ruth Ann   6-Jul-03 39
Pruiett Benny Theodore   27-Aug-03 73
Purdy Tom     4-Apr-03 73
Race Raymond Comer   22-Dec-03 62
Ramsey Charles Thomas   5-Aug-03 39
Ramsey Patsy Louise Yelton 17-Nov-03 66
Rarrieck Janice   Sullivan 13-May-03 80
Rarrieck Christopher Lynn   25-Oct-03 23
Ray Claudia Louise Howell 3-Jul-03 77
Record Stella   Holoch 25-Aug-03 95
Reed Tracie Lynn Richardson 7-Jan-03 28
Reed Frances   Fields 19-May-03 69
Reinhart, Sr. Bert Theodore   8-Mar-03 84
Reynolds Edward Joseph   9-Nov-03 68
Rice Mattie Gay Rice 31-Jan-03 72
Richie, Jr. Homer Ray   3-May-03 70
Ridner Kenneth Lee   19-May-03 67
Riley Helen Francis Lawson 25-Feb-03 55
Risse Kenneth Lee   11-Aug-03 57
Risse Melvin Julius   17-Dec-03 77
Roark Anna     17-Apr-03 90
Robinson Richard     20-Apr-03 21
Robinson Ruth M.   11-Jul-03 76
Rose James David   20-Apr-03 52
Roseberry Lucy   Lawson 14-Dec-03 94
Roulette Dolores   Henderson 31-Aug-03 86
Rump, Jr. William Charles   31-Mar-03 68
Russell Bennie Charles   4-Aug-03 74
Sandy Suella Elizabeth Beckett 16-Jan-03 86
Sargent Georgia   Sorrell 6-Nov-03 91
Schlueter Buford A.   11-Mar-03 81
Schweickart Mable   Monahon 25-Nov-03 84
Sexton Walter Olan   3-Apr-03 76
Sharp Gaylord Lee   17-Jun-03 73
Shaw Pauline   Collins 12-May-03 58
Shields Orville Timothy   10-Mar-03 42
Shields Marjorie Clark   21-Oct-03 76
Shinkle Mary   Foley 5-Feb-03 91
Smiley Alfred C.   23-Mar-03 74
Smith William R.   21-Mar-03 89
Smith Bessie   Hargett 4-Apr-03 71
Smith Shirley Clayton   23-May-03 88
Smith Kenneth E.   22-Jun-03 82
Smith Angie     5-Oct-03 27
Sorrell Fletchie   Cox 7-Jan-03 72
Sorrels Barbara   Biery 29-Aug-03 58
Spaulding Lelia "Hester" Capps 7-May-03 95
Spegal Virgilene   Stanfield 7-Apr-03 86
Spegal Goldie Pearl Work 21-May-03 67
Spence Landen     2-Nov-03 U/2
Stein Norma   Fardo 24-Jan-03 66
Stephenson Donna Jo Jump 9-Jun-03 63
Stewart General     18-Mar-03 85
Stout Joyce   Cooper 19-Dec-03 59
Strode Mary   Miller 26-Apr-03 76
Stull Joyce   Smith 3-Apr-03 64
Teegarden Hazel   Haddix 25-Feb-03 71
Teegarden James "Jimmy"   19-Apr-03 65
Thompson Edna Myrtle   24-Feb-03 94
Thompson Thelma Marie Limerick 11-Apr-03 81
Thompson Howard N. "Dick"   2-Nov-03 90
Tipton Verdie     4-Dec-03 79
Trent Willis     18-May-03 81
Turner Alex     27-Feb-03 79
Vance Debbie Kay   28-Oct-03 47
Vanlandingham Wilma "Winnie"   26-Jul-03 74
Vaughn Anna Mae   5-Mar-03 90
Voss Thelma     30-Mar-03 95
Waren Gerda     10-Apr-03 55
Waters Jerry Mitchell   2-Dec-03 41
Weaver David P.   25-Dec-03 83
Weber Robert W.   25-Jun-03 68
Webster Billy     30-Sep-03 67
Wellman Robert     6-May-03 70
Wells Clyde Ernest   19-Aug-03 66
West Adrian Dean   19-Dec-03 74
Whalen Lee Roy   13-Apr-03 55
Whaley Harold T.   18-Mar-03 92
Whaley Emmett C.   25-Dec-03 97
Whitaker Elbert Damon   10-Sep-03 82
White Beatrice   Insko 5-Aug-03 86
Williamson Mary Lou Cooper 10-Sep-03 65
Wilson Paul "Rusty"   6-Apr-03 78
Wilson, Jr. Theodore     24-May-03 78
Winkle Mary   Fogle 11-Aug-03 89
Wolfe Alta Josephine Meyer 25-Nov-03 78
Woodhead Edward G.   13-Sep-02 77
Woodman Mymyrtle   Powers 11-Jun-03 81
Worrell Harold Desha “Squirrelly”   23-Sep-03 78
Wright O. Donald   24-Jun-03 88
Wyatt Rubye Alice Bishop 18-May-03 87
Wyatt, Jr. Arlie     14-Sep-03 77
Yates Gladys Marion Daniels 2-Nov-03 73
Young Melva   McBride 1-Mar-03 102
Young Virgil     24-May-03 73


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