Pendleton County Obituaries

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Obituaries are posted with the permission of Debbie Dennie, Editor of the "Falmouth Outlook"

Last Name First Name Middle Name/Int. Maiden Name Date of Death Age at Death
Adams Marshall     29-Dec-02 64
Adams Erma   Johnson 3-May-03 72
Adams Caleb Douglas   5-May-03 U/1
Allender Hazel   Teegarden 24-Nov-03 68
Anderson Tony     28-Mar-03 69
Baker Ida     24-Jan-03 89
Baker Mary   Storms 22-Jan-03 89
Barnard Kathleen Virginia "Kitty" Ramsey 15-Jun-03 72
Bathalter Eula Dean Mynhier 17-Apr-03 66
Bauer Clarence     2-Dec-03 67
Bays Charles C. J.   22-Nov-03 54
Beamon Betty   Biddle 4-Jun-03 48
Beck David J.   18-Jan-03 80
Bell Valerie Jean Tucker 5-Apr-03 63
Bennett Nancy Mary   5-Feb-03 94
Berardi Lola Mae Sacra 13-Dec-03 89
Best Deborah Jean Kiehl 17-Jan-03 52
Beyersdoerfer Jason     24-Oct-03 20
Bickers Peggy   Wilson 1-Nov-03 72
Biddle Elsie Mae   27-Feb-03 79
Bishop Velma Agnes Smith 4-Dec-03 94
Bonar Ronald E.   25-Jan-03 74
Bowen Randall Lee   10-Dec-03 82
Bray Loretta   Houber 2-Feb-03 78
Brown Arthur     3-Jul-03 80
Browning Stella Lee Hitt 11-May-03 96
Browning Lonnie Gayle   19-Aug-03 65
Browning Charles E.   4-Nov-03 78
Bruin Charles L.   25-Feb-03 71
Buckner Dolores Mae McMains 10-May-03 69
Bush Henry F.   16-Sep-03 84
Campbell Charles Raymond   17-Aug-03 78
Cash Ruby Velma McClanahan 18-Dec-03 84
Chatham Hazel   Wagner 19-Mar-03 56
Childers John William "Bill"   8-Apr-03 66
Clifford Bonnie Jean Clifford 30-Jan-03 71
Coleman Hallie   Johnson 25-Jan-03 78
Collier Mary Carolyn Dragoo 6-Nov-03 83
Collins Hayley     7-Oct-03 U/1
Collins Bayley     7-Oct-03 U/1
Collins, Jr. Cleve     19-Apr-03 71
Connolly Robert     7-Oct-03 57
Cook Mary E. Howard 26-Feb-03 68
Cookendorfer Verona   Hamilton 8-Sep-03 81
Cooper Sarah Corinne Wallace 27-Sep-03 86
Cooper Kimberly Kay Doyle 6-Dec-03 43
Cox Elmer     9-Jan-03 86
Cox Isabella     14-May-03 86
Crotty Eileen   Cavanaugh 2-Jan-03 77
Crowley Chase Anthony   20-Apr-03 U/1
Cummins Shirley Jean Reece 1-Jan-03 66
Cummins Mable Clara Myer 6-Jan-03 98
Daniel, Jr. Earl R.   14-Dec-03 82
Dean James T.   21-Jun-03 70
DeMoss James M. "Jim"   25-Feb-03 46
Dennis, II Clarence     27-Feb-03 80
Denny Edith M.   Apr-03 86
Denton Anita Kaye Dennie 2-Feb-03 46
Doll, Sr. Charles F.   29-Sep-03 89
Draper Bobby Alan   6-Sep-03 56
Dunaway Jessie Esther Daniel 12-Feb-03 92
Durham Joseph Britton   5-Mar-03 84
Duzan Billy Ray   13-May-03 32
Earle Maurice Dempsey   30-Apr-03 83
Elliot Betty Ruth Martin 11-Mar-03 72
Ellis Donald Howard   2-May-03 70
Elrod Mary Mae Fleeman 27-Mar-03 98
Emard Lucille Alice Willem 26-Feb-03 72
England Marjorie Lee Morgan 4-Apr-03 77
Ewing Nelva R. Richardson 11-Jul-03 87
Faulkner Melvin P. "Todd"   22-Jun-03 83
Feagan Eugene Wallin   21-May-03 85
Fields Harland E.   1-Sep-03 90
Fields Wilmer Lee "Buddy"   28-Nov-03 69
Flaherty Mike     25-May-03 27
Flarity Diane   Barnes 26-Dec-02 64
Florence Vida M. Franklin 23-Sep-03 88
Florence Wilma L. McGuire 27-Nov-03 77
Fogle William "Bill"   1-Aug-03 83
Foss Jane   Ragan 4-Dec-03 83
Foxworthy H. Mason   11-Jul-03 78
Franklin Marie   Williams 22-Jun-03 82
Fries Richard David   23-Sep-03 52
Fries Hazel     2-Nov-03 89
Fryer (M. D.) John Ercel   21-Feb-03 65
Fuller Phyllis   Taylor 25-May-03 66
Gabbard Mamie Alberta Hardin Feb-03  
Garrison Patricia Ann Overton 4-Aug-03 56
Gates Sharon K. Cochran 4-Jan-03 56
Gaunce. Jr. Edgar Thomas "E.T."   28-Nov-03 91
Gibson Charles D. "Shorty"   5-Jul-03 69
Gifford Julia Frances Works 1-Oct-03 83
Gilbert, Sr. Charles H.   12-Oct-03 61
Gill Judy   Cox 10-Mar-03 49
Graves Grace M. Watson 3-Oct-03 92
Gray Ruth Evelyn Dunaway 18-Feb-03 92
Greenwell Walter E.   14-Mar-03 73
Gregg Deborah Lynn Florence 17-Feb-03 45
Griffin Rose Frances Leach 9-Nov-03 69
Gripshover William Joseph   1-Mar-03 71
Gulick Richard     27-Feb-03 88
Halcomb Douglas Loren   3-Oct-03 33
Haley Fred C.   29-Nov-03 83
Haltman Ruth Elizabeth Bladen 30-Apr-03 84
Hamilton Kathleen Moore Hutchison 28-Apr-03 90
Hamilton Robert Louis   19-Jul-03 60
Hamilton Jimmie     31-Jul-03 45
Harlow Alice   Joslin 14-Jun-03 58
Harrison Harold     22-Dec-03 82
Hartman Barbara Louise   8-Mar-03 62
Helvey Betty J. Lay 8-Jan-03 61
Hicks Earl Hicks     3-Jan-03 82
Hinton John Charles Wesley   7-Dec-03 77
Hitch Robert Lacen   8-May-03 79
Holland David Lane   25-Nov-03 37
Holmes Donald E.   19-Dec-03 85
Hornbeek Evelyn Estelle Garrison 27-Nov-03 88
Hornsby June Evelyn Fight 24-Feb-03 86
Howe Orpha   Yelton 24-Feb-03 87
Huffman Janice Elaine   27-Oct-03 60
Jackson Kenneth J.   24-Dec-03 82
Jenkins Wesley Benage   2-May-03 74
Jenkins Mildred   Barnes 4-Oct-03 85
Jones Verna F.   18-Sep-03 89
Jones Elmer Lee   15-Sep-03 72
Kells Frank Emery   30-Mar-03 84
Kimble Dorothy   Aulick 2-Jun-03 89
King Charles Allen "Frizz"   13-May-03 73
Kirby Nellie B. Marquette 2-Oct-03 73
Kirk (Reverend) David Emmet   29-Jun-03 65
Kissinger Gayle   Earle 27-Feb-03 68
Kittle Norma Jean Knox 11-Jun-03 73
Knock William Robert "Bill"   6-Apr-03 67
Larison Carol Ann   27-Jan-03 65
Laudick Wayne "Butch"   19-Sep-03 44
Loechle Les     1-Oct-03 60
Lonaker Hallie     10-Feb-03 81
Lynn Mary Sue Browning 3-Sep-03 62
Lytle Ida Mae Cooper 10-Jan-03 78


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